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Space GlucoseControl

If you want to find your peace of mind in controlling your patients blood glucose level, here is your answer: B. Braun Space GlucoseControl - Simple, safer and more intuitive glucose management in critically ill patients.

Following the latest Spectaris study from Germany "Potentials of innovative medical technologies", publicised at 2013's MEDICA,
Space GlucoseControl has the opportunity towards conventional glucose management to optimise the cost benefit situation in this therapy field.

The conclusion out of the study is a potential to save approx. 83 million € of German health care costs per year using SGC.

Overview of contents:
- Functionality and special features of SGC
- Why is SGC innovative ?
- Analysis of improvements with SGC towards existing workflow
- Qualitative benefits / Patient Safety with SGC
- Cost Benefit Analysis

SGC has become an important system to ensure maximum safety in blood glucose management in critically ill patients, which is also revealed with the application for the German Award in Patient Safety.