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B. Braun Space


Third Generation TCI

B. Braun’s Space system marks the introduction of 3rd generation TCI:

simply use the nearest available

Space pump as a temporary TCI pump.

Greater flexibility

  • Space TCI possible with Infusomat®, reducing the number of syringe changes necessary
  • Increased safety with DoseGuard® drug error reduction software
  • Greater control enabled through the ability to change the drug concentration
  • Enhanced user control with the possibility of delivering an extra bolus during TCI
  • MRI compatible with no interference or degradation of image quality

Predefined therapy schemes save staff time

To select the right therapy, Space provides a variety of TCI algorithms (Propofol: Schnider, Marsh; Remifentanil: Minto) as well as user profiles (plasma targeting/effect site targeting).

Anesthesia record keeping

Space offers the possibility to not only standardize the equipment in anesthesia with that of the rest of the hospital but also automatically generate electronic anesthesia records.

Single pump wireless connectivity

Each Space pump may be equipped with a wireless module built into the battery. This simple upgrade brings the full package of connectivity to a single pump, allowing these pumps to be used more flexibly and more mobile then ever before.

All important information visible on one screen


Third generation TCI not linked to dedicated disposables or pumps

No equipment bottlenecks
Algorithm ensures a light, sufficient and consistent anaesthesia
Choice of algorithms: Propofol: Schnider,Marsh; Remifentanil: Minto