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Occlusion Detecion

Closed stopcocks, blocked fi lters, kinked lines, syringe effects – five causes, one solution: OccluGuard

No need for specialized disposables

Smart Pre-Alarms

OccluGuard is the new generation of smart alarms:

  • OccluGuard automatically adapts to any infusion setup without the need for manual adjustments
  • OccluGuard does not stop a running infusion and so reduces the risk of underinfusion
  • Smart timeouts prevent nuisance alarms
  • Should the cause of occlusion be removed (e.g. in the case of patient movement), the OccluGuard alarm will automatically stop.

Detection of occlusions and disconnections up to three times faster than traditional methods

  Reduced risk of underdosage
 Smart: No need for specialized disposables

No need for manual adjustments

  No false alarms, no nuisance alarms 


Fast alarming when you need it most

Traditional methods can take as long as an hour to detect occlusions. In this time, the patient receives a signifi cant underdose without the user being informed.

Fast alarming reduces this underdose and ensures the user is presented with all the necessary information necessary to make a clinical decision.

  • Standard operation (red)
  • Operation with OccluGuard (green)