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B. Braun Space
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Paediatrics and Neonatology

Bolus free insertion

  • Protection against freeflow during syringe change

  • Piston break automatically immobilizes syringe piston after insertion


High precision application

Bolus free insertion
Automatic calculation of weightrelated rates
Drug specific hard- and soft limits

Parameter changes can be locked via Data Lock function

Because children are not small adults, this field of care has the challenge of requiring high flexibility without compromising on safety

Bolus free insertion

  • Protection against accidental freeflow during line change or removal
  • Set-based anti-freeflow clamp activates as soon as Infusomat® Space is opened and prevents overdose

The Perfusor® Space is compatible with all syringe sizes from 2/3ml to 50/60ml.

Choosing the right syringe for the indication ensures:

  • Quick Startup
  • Timely occlusion alarms


The Space platform offers the convenience of automatically calculated weight-related rates to ensure accuracy of infusion.

Space protects against medication error with easy to specify, ward specific hard and soft limits.

Soft limits

Hard limits: