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Take Over Mode

The number of active devices at the patient bedside is continually increasing, and with that, the number of alarms on the ward. Coupled with this is the increased workload for the caregiver. In this complex and stressful environment, an alarm warning of an empty syringe can often be overheard. This can lead to a delay before the therapy is continued with another syringe - an underdoese which can have dangerous consequences in the case of catecholamines.

Proactively set up the second infusion at a time which suites the user rather then reactively when the syringe is empty.

Take Over Mode fully automatically starts the second pump as soon as the fi rst is empty – reducing the risk of underinfusion without increasing workload.

Continuous infusion possible with only two pumps


Second Perfusor® Space starts automatically to reduce workload and prevent underinfusion  

Second Perfusor® Space may be set up at a convenient time

Simplified handling due to automatic rate transfer


Manually starting a second pump risks a delay in therapy.

Take Over Mode ensures second Perfusor® Space starts automatically, minimizing the risks of underinfusion.