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Space Glucose Control (SGC)

Simple, touchscreen user interface

Full therapy summary at a glance:

  • Enteral, parenteral and insulin infusion parameters

  • Time to next glucose measurement

  • Glucose and insulin history

Space GlucoseContol is the first system to offer the benefits of intensive insulin therapy without increasing workload:

  • Inbuilt alogrithm calculates optimal insulin rate
  • Both enteral and parenteral nutrition automatically included in calculation
  • Learning software continually adapts to changes in insulin response and calculates optimal time until next glucose measurement
  • This decision support tool helps replace best guess decisions with precise calculations based on clinically proven software.


  Shorter length of stay with reduced complications

Decision support for necessary insulin dose and next glucose measurement

Proven prevention of Hyper- and Hypoglycemia

Automatic inclusion of nutrition values

Three steps less complexity

  • Reminder alarm when next blood sampling is required
  • Consideration of nutrition data and automatic calculation of appropriate insulin rate
  • Changes of nutrition results in new calculation of insulin rate






Three steps more safety

  • Blood sampling and analysis
  • Input of glucose value
  • Confirmation of insulin rate