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Workflow Management and Medication Error prevention

Seamless integration of Space into clinical workflows and prevention of Medication Errors thanks to broad range of applications

An increased efficiency will create extra room for patient care. Space with its various possibilities for the integration into clinical workflows is a perfect fit. If you think about your different processes and therapies you will easily identify a potential for optimization.     

An up to date Drug Library within your pumps is mandatory to increase patient safety and to allow a seamless integration into an electronic documentation system. The Drug Library Upload , an application of the Space OnlineSuite, allows you to update all pumps of your hospital within minutes. 

Eliminate manual input on Infusion pumps by using AutoProgramming.  AutoProgramming can be used with single pumps and as a solution for bedside workplaces with a SpaceCom System. Currently, a complete workflow solution is available in combination with Cerner Millennium.

Using barcode labeled syringes and IV bags reduces medication errors during daily work. Stress and a high workload can lead to medication mix-ups. The consequences are well known. Barcoding can help you to minimize this risk. Patient identification and the cross check of the Space pump with the  IV medication (right drug for the right patient) will support the caregiver in frantically busy situations.  

One of the first bedside therapy solutions for Intensive Insulin Therapy is our Space GlucoseControl (SGC). The worldwide first computerized system for Glucose Management  for critically ill patients. SGC supports the caregiver in calculating an appropriate insulin infusion rate and preventing insulin over/under infusion in case of any change in patient behavior or any change in the intake of calories.