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Pediatrics, Neonatology

In the field of pediatrics, one of the most important requirements is that drugs are delivered precisely. The Perfusor® Space makes it possible to deliver minimum volumes with ultimate precision. Disposables from B. Braun guarantee a minimal residual volume and safe handling.

High-precision drug delivery

By using small syringes, you reduce the influence of disposables on precise administration at minimal dosing rates. This is why Perfusor® Space has been designed to work with all syringe sizes from 2/3 ml to 50/60 ml.
The Space piston brake and fully-automated syringe fixation enhance the accuracy of drug delivery: undesirable bolus can be avoided safely. Unlike conventional mechanical systems, Perfusor® Space can eliminate the user-to-user variation.

Sensor technology that sets the new standard

Infusomat® Space is equipped with next generation sensor technology for detecting air bubbles. As well as offering ultimate sensitivity (10 µl), this recently developed sensor also prevents false alarms (high specificity), important in maintaining a sense of calm in pediatric wards.

Your benefits
  • Ensure high precision drug delivery with syringes in sizes 2/3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 50/60 ml
  • Meet specific pediatrist requirements with minimal flow rates (0.01 ml/h), small patient weight (250 g) and patient-specific concentrations
  • Space Datalock function to protect pump setting
  • Optimal infusion system with minimal residual volume using B. Braun product range