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B. Braun Space


Reliable high-precision Drug Application
When using Space equipment in operation theaters, you know you can depend on the system to provide the induction, operation and recovery room functions that you need – exactly when you need them. Space pumps have been designed for universal use and their ergonomic design makes handling the equipment simple and easy.

Third generation TCI anesthesia

B. Braun’s Space system marks the introduction of ”3rd generation TCI”: simply use the nearest available Space pump as a temporary TCI pump – no matter whether it is a syringe pump or an infusion pump.

Predefined therapy schemes save staff time

To select the right drug, the pump provides a variety of TCI algorithms (Propofol: Schnider, Marsh; Remifentanil: Minto) as well as user profiles (plasma targeting/effect site targeting/navigation mode). All you have to do is input patient parameters and it is ready to go. This applies to all ”standard” Space pumps. As all TCI functions are also available on the infusion pump, the pump can take the drug straight from the infusion bottle.

Your benefits
  • Simplify handling and logistical effort using one pump for all therapies in clinical routine
  • Propofol: Marsh plasma targeting, Schnider plasma and effect site targeting
    Remifentanil: Minto plasma and effect site targeting
  • Plug-and-play electronical anesthesia record keeping