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B. Braun Space


B. Braun Space replaces improvised solutions in the MRI environment with their standard solution for anesthesia and intensive care. This helps to maximize patient throughput and always ensures high-quality results from the scanner.

Parallel patient preparation improves utilization ratio
Since all Space pumps can be used in the MRI thanks to SpaceStation MRI, there are always plenty of pumps available, which simplify the preparation of the next patient and help to accelerate workflows.
Anesthesiologists reap the benefits of using equipment they are familiar with. For the first time, Space allows to standardize the equipment in all areas of anaesthesiology (ER, MRI, OT, ICU, and Pain Service). This reduces the training effort, the logistical effort due to special pumps, and gives users more safety in equipment operation.

Reliable high-precision drug delivery
With Perfusor® Space high-precision application of medications is possible even in the MRI, since it is a "true" injection pump.

Your benefits
  • Guaranteed interference free scans
  • Parallel patient preparation improves utilization ratio
  • Anesthetist reaps the benefits of using
    familiar equipment
  • Reliable high-precision drug delivery