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B. Braun Space
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B. Braun Space is the uncompromised solution for relocation of patients, which places high demands on emergency room and intensive care personnel.

Optimal integration into mobile intensive care units
The “Snap-in fastening technology” of Space pumps allows fast and safe fastening of the devices. And thanks to their small size, the devices of the Space Equipment Generation can very easily be integrated into intensive care workplaces, in ambulance cars, helicopters, ambulance jets, but also in emergency room or the trauma room. Special carriers for the transport of intensive care patients are now available, in which a complete range of medical equipment can be integrated.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (EN 1789),
Air, water and difficult terrain ambulance (EN 13718-1). The B. Braun Space infusion technology has all the certifications needed for use of the equipment even in ambulance jets, helicopters, and ambulances.

Your benefits
  • Minimal space requirements in helicopters, jets
    and ambulance cars
  • Optimal to integrate in mobile intensive care units
  • Maintain intensive care treatment on transport
  • Certified according to EN 1789 (Mobile Intensive Care Unit)
    and EN 13718-1 (Air water and difficult terrain ambulance)