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B. Braun Space
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Operating Theatres

B. Braun Space supports fast procedures in the OT and offers all the functions needed for today's fast track surgery initiatives.

Simplification through equipment standardization
When specialists from multiple departments are working together under pressure, user-friendliness of the equipment is particularly important.
The uniform operation of the Space infusion pumps and syringe pumps, along with the universal applicability of the equipment, for instance for IV anesthesia (TIVA, TCI), regional anesthesia, and IV pain therapy, make Space the universal solution for the OT.

Higher operating convenience, even in the darkened OR
Thanks to their high-contrast display and backlit keypad, Space pumps are safe to operate even in darkened operating rooms.

Your benefits
  • Simplification by equipment standardization
  • Fast and simple fixation and release of the pumps
  • Handy pumps can follow the patient in the OT workflow
  • Reduces tripping, simplifies cleaning