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B. Braun Space

Intensive Care Unit

B. Braun Space is the best laid-out, most reliable solution for (complex) intensive care medicine, which allows itself to be matched to patient needs.

That is how modern intensive care workplaces are built.

Complete medicinal therapy at a glance
ICU beds equipped with the Space Generation are attractive due to their clarity.

The central-level status and alarm display, the SpaceCover, helps minimize reaction times. All device displays are stacked one on top of each other, so that even complex medications can be understood at a glance. The medication name and dosage are
immediately legible, even from the foot of the bed.

That added clarity increases safety and minimizes reaction times in critical situations.

Easy expandability
The Space Generation is capable of keeping up with the increasing complexity of modern intensive care. Workplaces can be expanded to 8, 12, or even more pumps for ARDS or MODS patients, for instance, in just a few steps.

Your benefits
  • Complete medicinal therapy at a glance
  • One organizational system covers the complete spectrum
  • Easy expandability
  • Space saving tidy solution
  • Plug-and-Play IT /PDMS integration